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    What is a Re-inspection?

    A re-inspection is a limited inspection of repairs performed after a complete home inspection or an inspection of an area that was inaccessible during the initial home inspection. 

    Re-inspections are not covered under the initial fee structures and are performed at an additional cost. Typically, these are priced on a per visit basis. Photographs and a limited addendum to the initial report are provided. 

    As every situation is unique, please call our office (360) 686-3577 to schedule any re-inspections you may require. Our friendly and knowledgeable office staff will cheerfully answer any questions and help you determine what is needed.

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    KR2 Consulting and Inspection, LLC provides Complete Home InspectionsReinspections11-Month Warranty InspectionsPre-Offer ConsultationsWater Testing, Well Flow Tests, and Consulting (Land Use Issues and County Code Issues). When you or someone you know needs the services of a quality home or well inspection company in Vancouver or the Southwest Washington area, we would truly appreciate it if you think of us.

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