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    Well Flow Tests & Water Testing 

    Well Flow Tests

    We offer private water well system pressure, flow rate, and minimum yield tests. Most lenders will require testing when purchasing a home with a well. We'll produce a report detailing the results of the test for submission to your lender. A typical flow test takes 2 hours, we can do 4 hour tests upon request. 

    Water Testing

    Are you purchasing a home with a water well? Is it in an area known for contaminants? How do you determine this? We can help!

    We offer certified lab testing for common water contaminants with a 8 business day turnaround on lab results. The Washington State Department of Health recommends that private wells be tested every year for coliform bacteria and nitrate. These two contaminants can rapidly affect your health—possibly even with just one drink of water. If your nitrate level is 5 milligrams per liter (mg/L) or higher, you may want to re-test in six months.

    At least twice, while you own the well, we also suggest testing for arsenic--once in summer and again in winter--to check any seasonal influences that may occur. Though arsenic does not cause rapid health affects, continued consumption over a relatively short time could lead to health concerns. 

    If the state has records for the well being tested, we can produce a copy of the original well report upon request.

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