• 11-month Warranty Inspections

    11-Month Warranty Inspections

    What is a Warranty Inspection?

    If you've purchased a brand new home within the past year, you need a warranty inspection!

    The 11-month warranty inspection is an inspection that is done just before the builder’s warranty expires. In most cases, this is a 12 month warranty covering materials and workmanship. In some cases, the warranty might extend for up to 2 years. This inspection is critical for finding defects in the home that may have existed since the home was built or become apparent within the first 11 months of ownership. Home repair is often extremely expensive, taking advantage of your home warranty before it expires can save you a great deal of money down the road! 

    A warranty inspection is a complete home inspection that includes a full written report with photographs and a summary of punchlist items which you can provide to your builder for correction under your home warranty (subject to the terms of the warranty).

    Common Defect Findings Include:

    • Improper Roof Vent Installation
    • Missing Insulation
    • Leaking Plumbing
    • Loose Toilets
    • Missing Grout
    • Cracked/Damaged Shingles
    • Minor cracks in the stucco
    • Cabinet Damage
    • Appliance Damage
    • The list goes on…

    For more detailed information about our 11- Month Warranty Inspection in Vancouver, WA and surrounding area please call our office (360) 686-3577 with any questions you may have and to get on the schedule. Our friendly and knowledgeable office staff will cheerfully answer any questions you may have and help you schedule an inspection before your warranty runs out. 

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